Kittens of Country Ragcats Cattery

Two future litters are planned for the fall of 2021. Colors and patterns possible include Seal Points, Blue Points, Cream Points, Seal Point Mitted, Silver Chinchilla Torbies, Chocolate Mitted Lynx, Seal Tortie Mitted Minks, and Silvers.  Blue and Green Eyes should be common. See the kitten photos from our first two litters below.

As we all know, the colors develop over time, but we will share photos as soon as we get them for all to see. New life is always a great experience.

Kittens planned to be available in the fall of 2021 - Deposits accepted now for our waiting list.

The second RagaMuffen litter of Glitter and Butch Cassidy has been born. All kittens were secured by deposit for their forever homes.

Please contact us if you have an interest in adoption. Our contract has been provided for your review and can be downloaded from here: Country Ragcats Contract.

Second Litter Photos of 2021 (Most recent followed by older ones)

The second litter by Butch Cassidy out of Glitter has arrived. This time the girls have won the numbers game.    

This is a black female.

This is a black with white paws female.

This is a seal point female.

This is a red point male.

This is Piper Petunia, the black female kitten keeping her Fox Red Lab Scarlett’s tummy warm.

This is Piper Petunia sleeping on Scarlett’s back while her  Angus, the black lab, keeps her safe and warm.

First Litter Photos of 2020 (Most recent followed by older ones)

The first litter by Butch Cassidy out of Glitter has arrived. It has been an exciting experience, as all new life is.     

This is a black female.

This is a silver tabby female.

This is a seal point mitted male.

This is a red point tabby male.

This is a red point tabby male.

Sales Details:

They are six weeks now. They can go home October 13th.

The black one and the silver tabby are females. $1700 each.
The other three will be $1500.
A $200 deposit will hold them.

This is a grey and white tabby female.

This is a red pointed tabby male.

This is a black female.

This is a blue pointed tabby male.

This is a blue or seal pointed tabby male.

This is the first sitting of the new litter.

This is the second sitting of the new litter.

Perspective Owners Advice

To the Perspective RagaMuffen Cat Fancier:

As long as you have a loving home and are ready to be entertained by a fun loving, playful, intelligent cat (or two!), you will not regret investing  in a RagaMuffin.  They are a great cat to have if you live alone or in a small apartment (two would be great in this situation), or if you have a big house full of kinds and other animals because RagaMuffins are extremely social, but content creatures.  They are very low maintenance, require only good food, a clean litter pan, periodic brushing, routine veterinary visits and lots of love. They should NEVER go outside as they would not know how to defend themselves against predators, the road or other obstacles.  They should NEVER be declawed.  Cats need their claws. 

As kittens they can easily be taught the process of clipping claws, but that will require that you manage the clipping of their claws. If you provide a few scratching posts placed throughout your house and some fun toys, you won’t need to worry about their claws!  All in all, the RagaMuffin is the perfect cat for anyone!

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