The Sire and Dams of Country Ragcats Cattery

We are happy and proud to present our magnificant breeding pair of Traditional Ragamuffen Cats. After careful consideration, we have decided to share our love of these cats with the rest of the world.  They collectively bring joy to us and therefore, we decided to share that through our developing breeding program. It is our goal to provide you with happy and healthy kittens that you can enjoy.

Health of our Breeding Cats

Operating a family farm teaches us that the health of our animals is the foundation of a successful farming involving any animal. So it also applies to the breeding of our cats. To serve this we have had our breeding cats tested for Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM),  Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). 

The HCM and the PDK1 tests were performed by UC Davis Vetrinary Genetics Laboratory, and the FeLv and FIV tests were performed by our own vet. These are important verifications that the kitten you get from us has the utmost attention paid to their health before they are even conceived.

We take the health of all our animals very seriously, and so should you.


Country Ragcats proudly presents our main stud male, Ragkittens Butch Cassidy.

Cassidy is a hunk! He is a big cat with rabbit like coat and very blue, loving eyes. He is a “lover”, and … he is also a “talker”. Whenever we call his name he comes running, “meowing” to us to let us know he is on his way.

He is also the “owner of the house”… his mind anyway! When he lays around he takes up half of the couch, the whole kitchen chair and the window sill!  When he sleeps he likes to spread out with his front feet stretched out in front of him “Superman” style. 

He is a lovable, cuddly cat who craves attention, especially from my son, Jamin. Jamin is Cassidy’s “human”. Whenever Jamin sits down on the couch to play a video game or at the kitchen table for lunch, Cassidy is right there, jumping onto his lap, purring and giving him snuggly “kisses”. Of course, Jamin enjoys this as well, because he is our “cat whisperer”.

Cassidy is entertaining to watch. He rips around the house carrying whatever he can find in his mouth, like a sock or piece of paper. His buddy is his mate, Princess Glitter. They both love to run around our house tearing up and down the stairs and bounding on our beds.

Our family is in total agreement. Cassidy is the most handsome cat we have ever seen…and he agrees one hundred percent! We love him and he loves us!

Ragkittens Butch Cassidy


Ragkittens Princess Glitter

Country Ragcats proudly presents our main breeding female, Ragkittens Glitter.

Princess Glitter is petite, dainty and beautiful. Her silver color is absolutely striking. She is modest about her beauty though, as she is a very quiet girl. Her manners reflect her princess qualities.

Picking her up is always fun because she is as light as a feather, soft as a bunny, and as floppy as a Ragdoll. Glitter is truly our Princess! Whenever we look at her we always say, “She’s so pretty”!

She enjoys laying on my husband Rick’s computer desk while he is working. Whenever he sits down to do his desk work Glitter has to be right there with him to “help”. As she can’t type, she invariably ends up sprawled out next to the monitor and naps.

She will also lay on the piano while my daughter Janaye is practicing. If there are tissues sitting on the coffee table Glitter thinks it’s fun to pull them out of the box and strew them all over the room!

When she is ready to play, Butch Cassidy is her buddy. They tear around the house having a ball. We have to keep the toilet paper roll tight otherwise Glitter thinks it’s fun to unroll it…..all over!

Glitter thoroughly enjoys being a cat, and we enjoy her too! Glitter is truly our Princess!

Country Ragcats Ragkittens Hello Dolly

Country Ragcats proudly presents our breeding female, Country Ragcats
Ragkittens Hello Dolly
. Dolly is a beautiful Ragamuffin queen. She is always purring and is always curious. When She is awake she has to be where “her people” are. She is the only one of our cats who is interested in exploring the great outdoors so we have to be quick to prevent her from running out the door when we open it. Good thing she has a microchip! Her disposition is super sweet so her kittens will be too!

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