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Our Cattery

Country Ragcats proudly present our main stud male, Ragkittens Butch Cassidy, and our main breeding female, Ragkittens Glitter.  We specialize in Traditional RagaMuffin cats and kittens because they are truly beautiful, affectionate, intelligent, playful, floppy and sweet.  Our two RagaMuffins love romping around our house.  They rip around when we are home and when we aren’t. Evidence of this is when we walk in the door and we have to step over a long line of toilet paper that they have unraveled from the roll handing the bathroom!  They are happy cats to be sure!

Our cattery was started in 2020. We live in beautiful upstate NY where the rolling drumlins are peaceful and green in the spring and summer, stunning vibrant and colorful in the fall and brisk and cold throughout the winter months.

All of the kittens born in prior litters have found their forever homes. We expect the next litter to be available in the spring of 2024. Please check our kittens page for more information.

Our Farm

We own and operate a 5th generation farm, so we’ve raised many, many animals throughout our life time. Of all these animals, our beautiful, fun-loving cats have given us the most enjoyment. Our RagaMuffins spend their entire lives living right amongst our family.  Country Ragcats, our Cattery, has been created so we can share these lovely felines with people who need a furry friend in their life.  Our RagaMuffins would make wonderful companions for many different types of people; single individuals, families with children, newlyweds, working couples, even people in their retirement years!  Our fuzzy felines will be your friend for life.

Our Goals

Our family’s goal is to raise healthy socialized, friendly cats that will provide others with the same enjoyment as we have experienced in our own home. We’ve been raising various animals for 5 generations so we have a great deal of experience.  Our cats and kittens live right in our home.  They are handled and loved from day one by all six Austin family members!  We make sure your cat leaves our Cattery with all the appropriate vaccinations, worming and flea prevention.  Each kitten will be microchipped for their protection because they are very valuable animals. It will be your responsibility to spay or neuter as per the Contract of Sale.  We also provide shipping/delivery, which we can discuss when you are ready to purchase your new feline friend.     

Words to be used to describe our cattery and it’s atmosphere are:  beautiful, fun, entertaining, sociable and healthy. Currently our cattery is registered with TCA, Inc. and inspected by our veterinarian according to the requirements of TCA, Inc.  The results of the inspection by our vet received a rating of Cattery of Supreme Excellence – the highest available. It is TCA’s equivalent to the good houskeeping award for catteries.

Cattery of Supreme Excellence

The Traditional Ragamuffen Cat

The RagaMuffin Breed is like no other.  A cat is a cat…right?  Not so!  The RagaMuffin is a special breed of domestic cat.  They are a variant of the Ragdoll cat and are fairly “new”.  They were established as a separate breed in 1994!  It is because of such careful breeding that the RagaMuffin is what it is today.  The RagaMuffin has many wonderful characteristics and qualities.   They are a very intelligent cat and are also very social.  They love attention, especially being brushed and having their bellies rubbed.  Their coats are “rabbit like” and their eyes are large, walnut shaped.  Their faces retain the “kitten look”, their entire lives. They really don’t mature until they are four or five, which means they will rip around your house having a grand time, as a kitten would…for years!  Another interesting feature is that they come in a multitude of colors!

Our kittens are raised in a loving home under foot right in the house with us with no cages.  They are well kept, socialized and healthy!  A health guarantee is provided with each kitten. Our cattery is Leukemia Free !

Our successful breeding program is now based on two breeding females. Our next planned litters will be in the spring of 2024. Please view our litter photos and those provided by their new owners for a look at the results on our Kittens’ page. 


We have studied cat food labels thoroughly and believe we feed the very best.  Our kittens receive FROMM Kitten Food and FROMM Hasen Duckenpfeffer Recipe for the adults.

The result is strong, healthy kittens who grow into sparkling, vigorous adults. 

We are also using the  Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Cat Litter.


Starting from kitten-hood our kittens receive their first immunizations of Rabies, FVRCP 1 and FVRCP 2 and Nobivac 1 – HCPCH.  Worming, microchip service, flea and tick prevention are achieved through a Health Check from our Veterinarian. 

A one year health guarantee from congenital and hereditary conditions is offered.

For a kitten, who will be either spayed or neutered, we expect the new owners to sign a Spay/Neuter Agreement (enclosed).  Once proof of the required surgery is received by  Country Ragcats in writing from the presiding veterinarian, we will provide the kittens TCA, INC. Registration Application to the new owners, who in turn can then fill it out, send it on to TCA, INC along with the usual $10.00 Registration fee.  An 8 ½” X 11” Registration Certificate will be generated by TCA, INC. and mailed to the new owners with the kittens name they have chosen on it and the new owners name and address as the kitten’s “owners”. All pertinent parentage information is on the certificate as well. Many owners frame the certificate.    


Our kittens can be flown out at the age of 12 to 16 weeks from the Greater Rochester International Airport which is a 45 minute drive or 47 miles from us.  The fee for the trip, which includes our costs and the costs of flying the kitten (the ticket) is $350- $550 to be paid before we leave for the airport.  Other delivery arrangements can be made for us to drive your kitten to a predefined location of up to 100 miles from our farm. All contact details will be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction prior to beginning that trip.


Our kittens are priced depending upon the quality of the kitten.  Currently we plan to raise 2 litters this year, but that will increase as we grow.  We do have a waiting list for those who are willing to take a little risk, and colors and sexes are not guaranteed. Contact us for details.

Adult cats may be available in the future as our cattery grows. Contact us for more information.


Country Ragcats accepts payment for non-refundable deposits, full payment or for any service we offer via PayPal.  Please contact us for details before sending any money.

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Contact Us

Country Ragcats is available via e mail daily at countryragcats@yahoo.com.  We check our e-mails many times a day. 

We can also be reached between 8 AM and 8 PM at 315) 331-0633. Ask for Debbie.

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